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Persistence by Matt Biondi Inspirational Thought Graphic

Top 10 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Practice Persistence

Do you have persistence? Persistence is the act of working hard and trying again and again until you achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. As long as you persist, you can’t fail! Consider these benefits of persistence: 1. You’ll become an expert. Chances are that the first time you…

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Hustle Beats Talents

You Have To Take Action to Hustle

You Have To Take Action to Hustle Everybody dreams but few people act to make those dreams come true. Success doesn’t just happen; it has to be worked for. All successful people were not born successful and most of them had to hustle, consistently working harder than everyone else to…

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What It Means to Hustle

What It Means to Hustle The word hustling has its origins from street slang that refers to making money and often in illegal or unscrupulous ways. This is why most search results from online dictionaries and search engines mostly contain negative references and meanings of the word. However, this word…

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I See My Goals With Clarity

Striving to live the life of my dreams takes reflection, planning, and effort. I know that I am responsible for creating the existence I yearn for. Therefore, thoroughly understanding what I want to achieve is necessary. In order to continue on the path to the life I seek, I make…

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