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Moral Qualities of Men by Confucius - The Power of Compassion

Why Compassion is So Important

We live in such a busy world. Everywhere you go you hear about either being more, doing more, or buying more. With everyone in the family either going to school or working, “busy” is the new normal. Self-care falls by the wayside, spending time with others is minimal at best,…

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Respected And Trusted As People Inspirational Quote by Herb Kelleher Inspirational Poster

Top 10 Strategies to Get the Respect You Deserve

Respect comes in two forms: self-respect and respect from others. These two types of respect, however, are intertwined. Consider what happens when you lack self-respect. You are on the losing end of every relationship. You’re more willing to indulge in negative habits. People treat you like a doormat. Your life…

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Gratitude Is Riches Inspirational Quote by Unknown Author

Top 5 Ways to Feel Gratitude in Challenging Times

Life is unpredictable and often very challenging. Each day we’re faced with obstacles that test our ability to cope well with difficulties. It’s easy to get angry, scared, or resentful and forget about gratitude for the good things in our life. If we don’t cherish and feel grateful for the…

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Self-Esteem versus Self-Respect versus Self-Compassion

Self-Esteem versus Self-Respect versus Self-Compassion Self-esteem, self-respect and self-compassion. Three important things, but are they one and the same? What is the difference between them and what difference does it really make? Actually, although there are many similarities, there are a few differences as well. Here is what you need…

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What Are Character Strengths?

What Are Character Strengths? Character is the basis of all that makes us who we are. Good character is a general term for someone who displays the qualities that makes someone what is considered to be a “good person.” But what are some of the specific character strengths? Here are…

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