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Life Is To Be Lived Inspirational Poster

I Choose To Live Every Day To Its Fullest

I choose to live every day to its fullest. Living every day to the fullest is a choice I make daily. I live my life with clear intention. I focus on living rather than just surviving. I believe that we make choices each day that reflect how our lives unfold,…

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Grateful For Everything Inspirational Poster

Cultivating Gratitude Increases My Happiness

Cultivating gratitude increases my happiness. It has been said that we live in an age of abundance. We have everything we need. Yet, there are many people who struggle to find meaning, purpose, and happiness. Gratitude is essential for the health of my body. Gratitude creates emotional balance. It cultivates…

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New Hope Inspirational Poster

Each Day Is A Fresh Canvas To Enhance

Each day is a fresh canvas to enhance. Each new day brings an opportunity to become even better than yesterday. Life is an ongoing journey of learning, and I am thankful to have many things to work on. The possibilities are limitless; I can improve each day. I can build…

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Knowing Is Not Enough by Wolfgang von Goethe

I Wake Up And Tackle What Needs Doing

I wake up and tackle what needs doing. Each day, I wake up, tackle my essential tasks, and get things done. I am efficient, organized, and take action. My brain works well when I focus on one thing at a time and take steps to get better at managing my…

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615 Acquire Wisdom by Marilyn Vos Savant Inspirational Quote Graphic

I Travel Inward To Find My Greatest Wisdom

I travel inward to find my greatest wisdom. It is high time to go within and consult my inner guru. I am ready to sit before my inner guidance to gather wisdom for my future. I take the time to travel inward toward my greatest wisdom. Even though it is…

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Sounds of Nature Bring Peace Printable Wall Art

Gardening Is Therapeutic

Gardening Is Therapeutic I look forward to my gardening day each week. It brings me such relaxation to spend time with nature. It heals emotionally and physically. My favorite gardening activity is uprooting weeds. This activity reminds me of the importance of cleaning out the unhealthy clutter. I see how…

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The Wonders of Nature Printable Wall Art

Strolls Amidst Nature Are Therapeutic

Strolls amidst nature are therapeutic. When it feels like I have very little steam left in my engine, I head to nature. I find an outdoor environment and get lost in it. There is something healing and renewing about fresh air. Inhaling the scents of the elements of nature connect…

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484 Joy Shared by Author Unknown Inspirational Quote Graphic

I am expanding my capacity for JOY

I am expanding my capacity for JOY. I know I create my own reality, so why not create a joyful one? I say “yes” to JOY. I choose to see what is joyful around me. I enjoy seeing baby animals in the Springtime. I laugh when I see a baby…

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Treat Everyone with Love Inspirational Poster (2069-Love)

I Am Bursting With Love

I am bursting with love. I care about myself and others. I speak kindly. I think before I open my mouth and choose gentle words. My voice is warm and friendly. I offer constructive feedback and encouraging remarks. My compliments are sincere and abundant. I resolve conflicts respectfully. I am…

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Simple Pleasures Bring Me Joy (1883-Joy)

I Am Determined to Have Fun in this New Year

  “I Am Determined to Have Fun in this New Year.” I am determined to have fun in this new year. As I look back at the past year, I notice that an important element of a joyful and fulfilling life – fun – is missing from my life. No…

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