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Masterpiece Of Man Inspirational Quote by Michel De Montaigne Inspirational Poster

Find Your Purpose in a Few Minutes With a Few Questions

It’s not easy to figure out how to spend the rest of your life. But, it doesn’t have to be extremely challenging either. By asking yourself a few, simple questions, you can learn enough about yourself to figure it all out. There may not be a 100% perfect answer, but…

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Creativity Type Of Learning Process Inspirational Quote by Arthur Koestler Inspirational Poster

8 Ways to Tap Into Your Creativity

Everyone has the capacity to be creative. It’s one of our greatest strengths as humans. Some people have a greater gift for creativity that others, but you’ll never know how creative you can be unless you take steps to maximize it. It’s easy to understand what it takes to become…

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The “Product Of My Decisions” Inspirational Quote Inspirational Quote by Stephen Covey

9 Tips for Making Better Decisions

A good life is the result of wise decisions. A life filled with negative consequences is the result of poor decisions. It might be impossible to make good decisions every time, but you can significantly raise your odds! Do you have a decision-making process, or do you fly by the…

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Extraordinary Destiny by C.S. Lewis Inspirational Quote Poster

7 Strategies That Help You Reach Your Full Potential

Have you failed to capitalize on the vast reservoir of potential that you believe is lurking within you? Are you willing to see how far you can go? There are many variables, and the odds are against giving maximal effort each day. However, it can be interesting to see what…

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You Were Meant To Do by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Inspirational Quote Poster

5 Steps to Leverage Your Strengths

5 Steps to Leverage Your Strengths You have strengths and weaknesses, just like every other person in the world. But few people intentionally take advantage of their strengths. Imagine the impact you could have on your life and the lives of others by leveraging your strengths. There are many advantages…

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Secrets of Peak Performers

9 Secrets of Peak Performers

9 Secrets of Peak Performers What are the secrets of success? Do you need to be born with unique talents or special gifts? Luckily, success is rarely the result of anything you can’t acquire in your adulthood. You can develop the daily habits, resiliency, and motivation you need to achieve…

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Children Appreciate Music

To Parents Who Want to Help Their Children Appreciate Music

Are you a parent who’s concerned that your children may be missing out when it comes to music education? Budget cuts in arts programs at public schools could limit your child’s opportunities to play an instrument or learn about the great composers. Help your child discover how music can enrich…

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8 Mistakes Successful People Don't Make – or Don’t Repeat (Personal Development Article brought to you by Personal Development Blog)

8 Mistakes Successful People Don’t Make – or Don’t Repeat

Do you keep making the same mistakes? If you do, you might find that you make little progress in your life. There is a huge opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Those that successfully learn from their mistakes wind up being highly successful. Those that repeat them struggle. Imagine how…

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The More I Practice by Gary Player Inspirational Quote Poster

Tips for Practicing and Mastering Any Skill

Expertise doesn’t come overnight. Even relatively simple skills can take some time to reach a high level of expertise. There are many theories of how long it takes to master a complex skill. The most common number is 10,000 hours. But it’s not enough to mindlessly practice something for 10,000…

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Live Out Of Your Imagination

I Find A Multitude Of Ways To Express My Creativity

[wpgfxm_contentbox width=”70%” bg_color=”#D3E5ED” b_color=”#D3E5ED” style=”solid” top=”3px” right=”3px” bottom=”3px” left=”3px” radius=”9px”]“I Find A Multitude of Ways To Express My Creativity!“[/wpgfxm_contentbox] I find a multitude of ways to express my creativity. Rather than thinking that my time devoted to creativity is frivolous, I view it as an opportunity to re-charge and prepare…

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