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Patience Inspirational Poster by Saint Augustine

How to Argue in a Healthy Way

How to Argue in a Healthy Way We’ve all been in arguments that spiral out of control. Whatever the reason, these can leave us feeling drained and upset. You can avoid all this negativity and get better outcomes by learning how to argue in a healthy way, avoiding escalation and…

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A Parent’s Guide to Learning Patience with Your Kids

Of course, you love your children, but chances are that on occasion they drive you insane. If this is happening to you, you can maintain greater harmony with your children by practicing the art of patience. When you do, you’ll also be helping your children to learn patience – a…

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13 Habits That Increase Patience

Life is full of bumps in the road. Construction holds up traffic on your way to work. Your child loses their homework folder about once a month, and your boss blames you for a decision they made. Sometimes you can change your circumstances. More often, you’ll need to change your…

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Lift Up Someone Else Inspirational Quote by Booker T. Washington Inspirational Poster

The Secret to Generating Positive Energy

Positive energy may be difficult to define, but you know it when you see it. When you’re around someone who’s joyful and peaceful, you start to feel the same way. You’re attracted to them regardless of how much money they have or any position they hold. Maybe you want such…

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Having No Goal To Reach Inspirational Quote by Benjamin Mays

How to Constantly Improve Any Area of Your Life

You might not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get better. While success comes rapidly at first, it slows to a crawl before too long. The key is to continue making progress over a long period of time. Becoming an expert in any field requires this understanding. If…

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The Never Limit Yourself Inspirational Quote by Mae Jemison

The Secret to Building Rapport With Anybody

Strong and healthy relationships depend on developing a sense of rapport. Rapport is that feeling you get when you mentally connect with somebody. Sometimes it happens effortlessly, like when you meet your childhood best friend on the school bus or start talking with your future spouse at a block party.…

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Make A Brand New Ending Inspirational Quote by Carl Bard

9 Signs That Your Life is on Track

How can you know if you’re doing well? It’s not fair to yourself to compare your situation to that of your friends, family, or peers. There’s no set path for life, but there are clues that can let you know if you’re doing well. It’s worth the time to assess…

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Vulnerability Inspirational Quote by Inspiring Thoughts

Do You Have the Courage to be Vulnerable?

Many of us were taught to be strong and to keep our problems to ourselves. We were taught that the world is a hostile place and we should practice “survival of the fittest.” It’s not easy to allow the world to know your flaws, weaknesses, and failures. We’re ashamed that…

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Extraordinary Destiny by C.S. Lewis Inspirational Quote Poster

7 Strategies That Help You Reach Your Full Potential

Have you failed to capitalize on the vast reservoir of potential that you believe is lurking within you? Are you willing to see how far you can go? There are many variables, and the odds are against giving maximal effort each day. However, it can be interesting to see what…

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Strategies to Help Your Relationship

5 Strategies to Help Your Relationship Thrive Despite Its Flaws

Perfection is an impossible goal that can hurt your relationship. Instead of trying to reach for perfection, focus on growing and nurturing your relationship. Your relationship will never be perfect, but it can still be happy and strong. Try these techniques and discover greater happiness together: 1. Avoid the comparison…

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