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Uncertainty Brings Excitement by Positive Affirmations

What Columbo Can Teach You About Living with Uncertainty

The most recent Stress in America Survey by the American Psychological Association found high levels of anxiety. More than 75% of Americans said uncertainty about health issues was a source of stress. One third also reported feeling stressed by financial uncertainty. At times like these, you might want a role…

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Wonders of Nature

Plan Nature Outings Your Children Will Love

Nature outings are an ideal way to spend time together as a family and help your children develop an appreciation for the natural world. No matter where you live or the ages of your children, there are several great ways to connect with nature and each other as a family.…

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A Parent’s Guide to Learning Patience with Your Kids

Of course, you love your children, but chances are that on occasion they drive you insane. If this is happening to you, you can maintain greater harmony with your children by practicing the art of patience. When you do, you’ll also be helping your children to learn patience – a…

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Talking To Our Children Inspirational Quote by Peggy O'Mara Inspirational Picture

7 Tips for Raising Children to be Successful

  Every parent wants to raise children that go on to be happy and successful. As a parent, there is a lot you can teach your child that will help them to thrive throughout their life. The habits and characteristics for success are most easily learned in childhood. Once poor…

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The Beautiful Jewels Of Wisdom Inspirational Quote by James Allen

11 Easy Relaxation Practices to Share With Your Children and Teens

If you have relaxation practices that work for you, you might wonder how you can encourage your children to join you. After all, their lives can be stressful too when they’re trying to get good grades, make friends, and adapt to the changes that are part of growing up. Sure,…

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Raise Optimistic Children (Personal Development Article brought to you by Personal Development Blog)

14 Smart Strategies That Help You Raise Optimistic Children

As a parent, you want your kids to have happiness, health, and success. Even if you don’t have a magic wand you can wave, you have the power to bring these things about by influencing the way your children think. One good place to start is by encouraging optimism. A…

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Children Appreciate Music

To Parents Who Want to Help Their Children Appreciate Music

Are you a parent who’s concerned that your children may be missing out when it comes to music education? Budget cuts in arts programs at public schools could limit your child’s opportunities to play an instrument or learn about the great composers. Help your child discover how music can enrich…

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Truly Precious Gift - TODAY

Teaching Your Children the Meaning of Gratitude

Children learn by example, so what better way of teaching them the meaning of gratitude by your own actions. Teaching them what gratitude means will help them their whole lives. One of your first lessons should be to demonstrate to them just how thankful you are for having them as…

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Key to Building Character in Our Children

Building Character in Our Children Good character is one of the most important things we can give our children. It is best when both talked about and modeled in our daily lives. If you are already doing your best to be a role model of good character, and are looking…

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Positive Discipline and Character Development

Positive Discipline and Character Development Discipline is something that affects every area of a child’s life. If a parent disciplines in a way that demeans a child, the child could grow up to be a resentful, angry adult. If the parent disciplines in a way that is respectful, the child…

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