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The Beautiful Jewels Of Wisdom Inspirational Quote by James Allen

11 Easy Relaxation Practices to Share With Your Children and Teens

If you have relaxation practices that work for you, you might wonder how you can encourage your children to join you. After all, their lives can be stressful too when they’re trying to get good grades, make friends, and adapt to the changes that are part of growing up. Sure,…

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Bridge Job

Making a Bridge Job Work for You

Sometimes your career path points straight ahead, and sometimes you need to take a few detours. Even if others think it looks like a step back, a bridge job may be just what you need to prepare for the next stage in your professional life. What is a bridge job?…

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Life Without Difficulties

Simple Tricks for Dealing with Pressure

6 Simple Tricks for Dealing with Pressure If you aren’t careful, pressure can sneak up and overwhelm you. Before you know it, you’re a mess. Sitting in your chair, sweating, heart racing, and dreading the thought of doing any work. Fortunately there are some tricks to dealing with pressure. With…

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Habits That Relieve Stress Ebook 300x420

Habits That Relieve Stress Ebook

This month, we bring you our Personal Development Blog Ebook of The Month: “Habits That Relieve Stress and Promote Harmony in Your Life”   Thank you for checking out this month’s personal development ebook. Click on inspiring ebooks for more.   “Being in control of your life and having realistic…

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How to Live Consciously

How to Live Consciously Have you ever seen ants marching in search of food? They just follow one another in an almost endless game that seems to drone on and on. Does your life feel like an ant’s life – as if you’re going from day to day, doing the…

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15 Brain Boosting Activities

15 Brain Boosting Activities If you don’t keep your mind active, studies show that your brain loses some of its functionality as you age, which causes memory loss, brain fog, and even Alzheimer’s. A well-stimulated brain also elevates your mood, which helps you feel better on the inside. Here are…

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10 Ways to Deal With High Stress

10 Ways to Deal With High Stress We all have days that are considerably more challenging and stressful than others. Unfortunately, stress is hard on both the mind and body. Too many high stress days can really take its toll. And what’s worse, you could even become so used to…

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