I Show Kindness To Others

I strive to develop certain character traits each day. One of the attributes I find the most fulfilling is kindness.

To me, being kind means that I understand the other person’s position. I seem to know how the other person feels and then I act in ways that uplift them.

Being kind means I am tolerant of the actions and words of others. I adapt a forgiving nature when others display less-than-positive behavior.

I experience personal rewards when I demonstrate kindness toward others. I feel a generosity of spirit. I feel renewed. And I feel deserving of the good life. Being kind toward others opens up my own heart to be more accepting of their struggles.

When I am kind, I feel pride because I know that others around me might be learning, from my example, about the wonderful advantages that accompany kindness.

I know that I can initiate an endless stream of positivity simply by showing care toward someone.

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“I Show Kindness To Others!”

Today… I make an effort to demonstrate my caring nature to every person I encounter. I can boost the spirits of others and renew my own happiness simply by showing kindness to others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I consider myself to be a kind person? How do I show kindness?
2. Who is my role model for showing kindness to others? What do I observe about this person’s behavior?
3. How can I strengthen my resolve to be kind to all – friends, loved ones, and strangers?


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