I Am Determined to Have Fun in this New Year


“I Am Determined to Have Fun in this New Year.”

I am determined to have fun in this new year.

As I look back at the past year, I notice that an important element of a joyful and fulfilling life – fun – is missing from my life.

No matter what this year brings, I am going to adapt, adjust, and create fun in my life. Even if we have to be isolated and wear masks, I can make the best of what this year brings.

I remember the saying, “Necessity is the Mother of invention,” and dig into my creativity closet to find games and fun projects.

I dig out board games that can be played with the family. I set up a puzzle table for friends to enjoy. I create small dinner parties where we each get to tell a story.

I get coloring books to draw in. I take up painting. I take dance classes online. I am going to have fun despite the circumstances and conditions.

The lessons and experiences of last year teach me to be creative even in my daily routines. I become a much better cook. I find new recipes to make this year even more delicious.

I take up new sports. I might even try golf. I have always wanted to kayak. I am going to enjoy hiking even more this year. I am taking more walks in the parks. I am dusting off my bicycle and taking to the trails.

I now make it a point to find joy in the simple things. I enjoy the sight and smell of flowers year-round. I take time to savour my coffee. I love to blow bubbles out of my car window.

Today, I know that whatever I do this year, I am going to have FUN!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some fun things I can do this week?
2. How can I incorporate fun into my daily routines?
3. Who can join me in my fun adventures?






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