I Travel Inward To Find My Greatest Wisdom

I travel inward to find my greatest wisdom.

It is high time to go within and consult my inner guru. I am ready to sit before my inner guidance to gather wisdom for my future. I take the time to travel inward toward my greatest wisdom.

Even though it is a short journey, I find that it is a deep one. I create the time and space to be still and listen.

I have a journal handy to write down my thoughts that come to me.

I open up to receive. I find solace in the silence around me as I begin to listen. The answers come to me as I patiently wait. I must listen very carefully as my voice within is very soft.

I notice the clouds of doubt and fear dissipate along the way.

I feel great peace as I sit at the feet of my inner wisdom. Like sitting under a great oak tree that has been there forever, I feel a calm breeze blow across my face and through my body.

I am being fed a banquet of wisdom!

I see the world through new eyes. I notice the birds. I hear the sounds of Spring.

I gain a greater appreciation for the world around me.

Today, I feel gratitude well up inside me as I find my greatest wisdom within and learn from it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I create the time and space to travel on a journey within to find my greatest wisdom?
2. What questions do I seek answers to?
3. What lessons would be useful for me to write in my journal today?


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