I Am Bursting With Love

I am bursting with love.

I care about myself and others.

I speak kindly. I think before I open my mouth and choose gentle words. My voice is warm and friendly. I offer constructive feedback and encouraging remarks. My compliments are sincere and abundant.

I resolve conflicts respectfully. I am sensitive to the needs of others. I try to look at situations from their perspective. I forgive and apologize easily. I let go of judgments and seek compromises.

I show empathy. I listen closely. I validate others’ feelings and experiences even when they are different from my own.

I cultivate gratitude and appreciation. When I realize how much kindness I have received from others, I am eager to express my thanks in actions and words.

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I share my blessings. I volunteer at local food banks and donate money to worthy causes. I write letters to patients in nursing homes and military personnel overseas.

I cherish my family and friends. I make family dinners and movie nights a regular routine. I stay in touch through video calls and virtual parties when gatherings are restricted. I plan fun surprises, like sending flowers or a box of doughnuts or sending greeting cards online.

I love myself too. I take care of my mental and physical well-being. I eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. I treat myself like a close friend.

Today, I remember that life is beautiful and precious. I delight in helping others and spreading happiness. My heart overflows with love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What does it mean to be present in a relationship?
2. How can I connect with others while social distancing?
3. How can I be more patient and loving while driving?






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