I Wake Up And Tackle What Needs Doing

I wake up and tackle what needs doing.

Each day, I wake up, tackle my essential tasks, and get things done. I am efficient, organized, and take action.

My brain works well when I focus on one thing at a time and take steps to get better at managing my time. I refuse to procrastinate, prioritize my tasks, and continue to improve over time.

I learn how to prioritize and manage my time. I take courses, research techniques, and tools to help me plan out my tasks.

I keep working on this skill and learning new ways to be successful and satisfied.

I understand the value of planning rather than waiting until the last minute. When I wake up, I start my morning routine, which helps me start the day in a healthy manner and with a clear mind. I read, stretch and meditate.

I look at my written plan for the day and start. Keeping a written list of tasks frees space in my mind as I go about the day and connect with others, sure in the knowledge I have everything written down.

At times, I can be overwhelmed by my responsibilities. However, rather than worry, I adapt and proceed to complete my list. I believe in the “what gets done, gets done” principle.

Today, I understand how to manage my time effectively. I learn to stay focused on one task at a time. Then, I move on to the next item on my list. I wake up each and, tackle my essential tasks and get things done!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I get everything done that I need to do today?
2. How do I find solutions to problems?
3. What are some ways that I can improve my efficiency?







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