Strolls Amidst Nature Are Therapeutic

Strolls amidst nature are therapeutic.

When it feels like I have very little steam left in my engine, I head to nature. I find an outdoor environment and get lost in it.

There is something healing and renewing about fresh air. Inhaling the scents of the elements of nature connect me to my origin. I am reminded that I am naturally strong and capable.

Outdoor time allows me to heal difficult relationships with friends and family members. The fresh air gives me a clear mind and a shift in perspective.

The same is true when I am searching for new business opportunities at work. I am more innovative when I seek inspiration from nature. I become creative by observing the intricate patterns on leaves and the precision with which nature feeds itself each day.

Strolling through the forest nearby teaches me that it is possible to live well with others.

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When I see the plants sharing the same resources each day, I know I am capable of living in harmony with my colleagues at work. There are enough opportunities to make each person a success story, so I willingly share them with others.

Today, the renewal of my mind and body are possible when I make time for nature strolls. I am thankful for the power of healing and clarity that comes from a natural environment. My life is richer when I take cues from dwellers in the natural world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How much time do I dedicate to nature walks?
2. What are some of the answers I find when I take some time to walk amongst nature?
3. How am I able to bring the natural influence into my personal space?






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