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New Way to Enjoy Exercise More

A Surprisingly Simple New Way to Enjoy Exercise More

Some adults love a tough workout, and others dread any activity more strenuous than washing their hair. Given that 80% of Americans fail to meet government guidelines for aerobic and strength training, it’s obvious that most of us fall into the second camp. A new study by the University of…

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Understanding Happiness

Understanding Happiness Just what is happiness? Many people have different views on this but the most commonly agreed upon definition is: Happiness is a mental state of well being encompassing feelings like thankfulness, enjoyment and joy. Living a meaningful life can make you happy as you use your knowledge and…

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Boosting Your Value Without Traditional Education Ebook

[kc_heading_two size=”16″ color=”#494949″] “How To Get An Education Without Attending College And Without A Lifetime of Debt, Stress, and Family Strain!” [/kc_heading_two]   One of the greatest benefits of the information age is that it has leveled the playing field between those who know and those who need to know.…

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Embracing Change

Embracing Change – What’s In It For You? Click on Custom Photo Cards for more. Courtesy by Personal Development Blog Resisting change may come naturally to you. After all, you might be pretty happy with the way things are now. Why shake up what’s already working – right? The fact…

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My Versatility Comes In Handy

Reflection Affirmation Title: My Versatility Comes In Handy Having a wide variety of skills helps me get through each day. It brings me pride to know that my many skills ensure that I can perform many types of tasks. My skills are diverse. I am a good listener. I can…

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Bored at Work? How to Get Excited About Your Job Again

Bored at Work? How to Get Excited About Your Job Again Do you remember how happy you were about your job when you first acquired the position? In all likelihood, some of that excitement probably waned as your daily tasks became just the same old routine. Nowadays, it might even…

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Bring Your Dreams to Life by Creating a Personal Mission Statement

  Your mission statement tells the world who you are and what you hope to do with your life. It helps you focus throughout your life on what you feel your purpose is. Consider a couple of examples of personal mission statements: A working parent’s mission statement: “I want to…

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Where to Find Wisdom

  Wisdom is not only knowledge that is born out of experience – wisdom is also knowing when to apply what you know in sensible ways. Whenever you’re struggling with a life situation or phase, having the wisdom to navigate the rough waters can be emotionally life-saving. But where and…

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Secrets Of Staying Young Inspirational Quote by Ruth Reichl

Enjoy Lifelong Learning on a Shoestring Budget

Lifelong learning enables you to enrich your mind and expand your career opportunities even if you completed your formal education a long time ago. If you’re on a limited budget, there are still many ways, both in your community and online, to build your knowledge and skills. Educational Opportunities in…

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