My Versatility Comes In Handy

Reflection Affirmation Title: My Versatility Comes In Handy

Having a wide variety of skills helps me get through each day. It brings me pride to know that my many skills ensure that I can perform many types of tasks.

My skills are diverse. I am a good listener. I can debate and present facts using tact when a situation requires it. And I can learn new things easily. All of these skills are ancillary to my work skills.

My confidence is strong because I believe that I can develop the skills to successfully do almost anything I choose. I focus on developing new knowledge and skills because I strive to be versatile.

My versatility also helps me overcome challenges. I figure that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I proceed to use my creativity to find a solution. If one idea fails to work, I just try something else until the challenge is resolved.

My varied skills also enable me to provide assistance to whomever I want.

Whenever my parents, friends, or neighbors require some help, they call me and I can usually assist them. It is true that my versatility comes in handy. My range of skills allows me to help others in some way nearly every day.

Today, I can demonstrate my versatility to help myself and others. Challenges fall by the wayside when faced with my wide array of skills. And using my skills to help others provides me with feelings of joy and satisfaction in life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I consider myself versatile when it comes to my repertoire of skills?
2. How do my skills help me? Do I want to learn more? What’s my plan?
3. When others require assistance, do I recognize that I have at least some of the skills necessary to help them?






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