Embracing Change

Embracing Change – What’s In It For You?

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Resisting change may come naturally to you. After all, you might be pretty happy with the way things are now. Why shake up what’s already working – right?

The fact is, though, that things will always change in some way.

When you recognize everything you have to gain by accepting change, you’ll be more confident about embracing it.

Discover the sparkling gems that accompany life’s transitions:

1. You can adjust to the idea of unknown factors.

You perhaps fear the unknown, which is a fear shared by many of us. But if you can look at the oncoming change as a new adventure, you’ll see the unknown element in a whole new light.

* Take the Indiana Jones approach-“I don’t know what I’ll run in to around the next mountain, but it should be interesting.”

* Build your confidence by learning to adjust to the unknown.

2. You’ll learn something.

Chances are good that when something in your life changes, your level of personal knowledge increases. Surely you’re open to gaining some new knowledge you can use to live an enriched, more fascinating life.

3. Efficiency will likely increase.

Although it may be difficult to imagine when a change is headed your way, it’s quite likely, at least in the work environment, that a change will bring more efficiency in getting work accomplished. Who knows, you might be able to get twice the work done in half the time!

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4. A whole new world will open up for you.

Some of the most wonderful things happen when change occurs, even unwanted change. Because the mind can’t always grasp in advance what will happen as the change unfolds, it’s not always easy to recognize the beauty of the newness that surrounds you in change.

Since others will likely be as leery as you are about change, why not let your confidence shine as a transition approaches?

* Look forward with positivity and recognize within yourself that you have whatever it takes to adjust to the change.

* Also, as you experience more changes, you’ll notice you’re building confidence you can use when future changes loom. Remember how well you did when you took the job transfer five years ago? Or how you were able to live a better life once you disengaged from an unhealthy relationship?

* You’ll not only demonstrate your confidence through the change process, you stand to gain even more self-assurance.

6. Change motivates you.

Sometime, life’s path can become cluttered or a bit of a bore. But change can actually pull you through some challenging or ho-hum periods of time and motivate you to become a better worker, parent, partner, or person.

7. Change usually brings about success.

No matter what the change, ultimately you’ll rise above and likely experience the success that changes so often bring.

Change introduces so many positive elements to your life. When you learn to embrace change along your life journey, you’ll strengthen your efforts to live your best life.


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