I feel the excitement of the Season


“I feel the excitement of the Season.”

I feel the excitement of the Season.

As the weather starts to shift, I start to anticipate the holidays. I can feel the excitement in the air.

As I go shopping, I notice the decor is changing to fit the holidays. I hear the music of the season and start to hum and smile. The holidays are coming!

Each song I hear on the radio fills my mind with memories of holidays in my past. The smells of holiday cooking remind me of wonderful traditions that I can bring forth into the present.

I am grateful for heartfelt experiences.

As I start to gather the decorations that I want to display, I feel the happiness growing within my heart. I get excited to find the perfect gifts for friends and family members. I prepare my home to be one of comfort and joy.

I decide what traditions I want to keep and what ones I choose to leave in the past. Like fruitcake. I giggle a bit about that one. I find new recipes that fit my family and the time I have to prepare them.

I get to choose how I spend my time and what is important to me. I leave old expectations and obligations that are outdated in the past.

It is important to me that I really enjoy the holiday season. I evaluate what is going to help lift the energy around the holiday and what is not necessary. I let go of unnecessary busyness that creates frustration.

Today, in planning my holiday season, I tap into what brings me joy. I live in the energy of excitement.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is important for me to experience this Holiday Season?
2. What traditions do I value enough to bring forward this Season?
3. What traditions do I want to leave in the past?






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