I Take Time For Renewal

I pause during my daily life to take time for renewal. Closing my eyes, I feel the waters of rejuvenation wash over me like a dip in a cool, clear spring.

Breathing in deeply, I inhale the bountiful air. Oxygen infuses every cell of my body.

I feel the spray of water dance across my skin. I am standing underneath a healing waterfall. Water gently cascades all around me.

“I Take Time For Renewal”

I feel the cool waters bathe my brain, wash through my ears, and cleanse my tired eyes. My mind is calm and clean. And brimming with new possibilities. My ears hear the joy in others’ voices. My eyes see with a fresh, new perspective.

The soothing waters wash through my neck, shoulders, and back, relaxing and loosening any stiff muscles.

I feel the invigorating water rush through me from head to toe, filling and energizing my entire being. Any tension I feel flows out of my body in gentle waves and leaves through my hands and my feet.

Breathing in, I feel the healing effects of the waterfall. I am energized. It is a new, fresh moment and the possibilities for my positive growth are endless.

I am rejuvenated. I am refreshed. I am renewed.

Today, I pause and take time for renewal. I give my mind, body, and spirit the precious gift of rejuvenation. I send thoughts of love to all parts of my body. My potential is limitless. I am renewed and grateful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When do I most feel in need of renewal?
2. How can I take time to renew myself?
3. How might I benefit others if I take the time to practice a self-renewal affirmation?






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