I Have Courage In New Situations

Reflection Affirmation Title: I Have Courage In New Situations

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I believe in myself because I am a powerful being. With strength flowing through me, I am open to all things new in my life. I know that I am able to handle anything life presents to me.

I face new situations with surety and calm. I see time and time again how I can handle all things new, having successfully overcome countless new things in the past. I know I can stand firm in unfamiliar situations.

Deep within me I only let thoughts of positivity arise, as I see myself successfully negotiating any new challenges ahead. I envision overcoming anything and everything put in front of me.

Regardless of the situation, I remain filled with a belief in my abilities. At work, I know that I am highly skilled and can handle all challenges to the best of my ability.

My belief in my ability to overcome makes me that much more likely to succeed.

“I Have Courage In New Situations”

When I am with my family, I know that by believing in myself, I can help my loved ones believe in me.

Today, I approach my life with confidence and calm. I let all things new come to me freely. I possess all of the tools to meet these challenges and overcome them.

Thanks for reading, “I Have Courage In New Situations“.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel about new challenges in my life?
2. How did I overcome challenges that were once new to me?
3. What abilities and strengths do I possess to overcome these challenges?






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