I Find A Multitude Of Ways To Express My Creativity

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I Find A Multitude of Ways To Express My Creativity!

I find a multitude of ways to express my creativity.

Rather than thinking that my time devoted to creativity is frivolous, I view it as an opportunity to re-charge and prepare for life’s demands.

I relax and look inside myself to determine what makes me happy.

I deserve time to use my talents and skills to cultivate personal expression. Hobbies that yield an end-product, such as stained glass, wood-carving, jewelry-making, and gourmet cooking, appeal to me.

Engaging in activities requiring physical movement also provide opportunities for creative expression. I love sports. I play baseball, beach volleyball, or golf to relax. Dancing, practicing yoga, and taking care of my yard and garden tap into my creativity, as well as jogging and going to the gym.

I love using words to express my uniqueness. I may write a quick, four-line poem or a short story in my spare time. Making up bedtime stories for my kids allows me to be creative. Joining clubs and groups with others who share my interests is a great outlet.

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We are all unique, and I continually tap into my creativity in any way I can. Discovering new facets of myself is exciting and I hope to find even more creative outlets.

Today, I list the ways I am creative. I want to open my mind to new activities and hobbies. I experiment with different strategies to help me find and cultivate my creative expression.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I ensure that I am creative in some way each day?
2. In what ways do I express my creativity?
3. What are some creative activities I would like to try?






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