The Art of the Follow Up

The Art of the Follow Up

There is one thing that can make any sales person stand out and take them from being seen as just one of the sales team to being the top sales person. While you may think that this involves an unreasonable amount of hard work, it actually is not as complicated as you may think.

One of the biggest mistakes that sales people make is in not following up with their clients and potential new customers. Just because they may not open a new account on your first meeting, this doesn’t mean they won’t. Many sales are lost due to not being followed up on.

Sales people today have far more tools and resources available than 15 or 20 years ago. Today we have the internet and who doesn’t own some form of mobile device? Then there are all those social platforms as well as email.

The great thing about using these methods is that they are quick, cost effective and simple to use. Previously it may have taken you days to reach someone by phone. You are always directed to voice mail and no-one called you back.

Today this has all changed. Sales people can now post to their client’s Facebook walls, they can send them a text message, and they can even record a personal video or send an email. On top of this you can now use Skype, Facebook or Google Chat or Hangouts to connect with customers and clients.

You really have no excuses for not following up. Statistics have shown that it often takes up to 7 emails before someone decides to make a purchase. So if your customer doesn’t buy during your first sales pitch why not follow up?

By checking back with a customer you show that they are more than just another phone number on the call list. Instead you went out of your way to connect with them again, even if it is just to say thank you!

While most sales people do consider following up with a potential client, what about your current clients? Do you ever thank them, take them out to lunch or send them a birthday card or gift? Or are you the type of person who only cares about landing the sale?

Remember that a great sales person will follow up with current customers and potential ones. They will use the follow up to build a relationship first that ultimately ends in more sales for them.

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You Don’t Close A Sale,
You Open A Relationship If You Want To Build A Long-Term,
Successful Enterrprise

– Patricia Fripp
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