I Treasure Solitude

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I Treasure Solitude!

Solitude is a gift I give to myself. I am comfortable being alone with my thoughts. Carving out time for myself enhances my life.

I increase my self-awareness by engaging with my thoughts on a deeper level. I discover what is going on in my own mind and clarify my values. I stop worrying about what others are thinking and form my own opinions.

I enhance my creativity. With fewer distractions, I become more innovative and playful. I spend time sketching or playing the piano.

When I give myself and my loved ones enough breathing space, I am able to appreciate them more. I give thanks for how my children are growing up to be kind and generous individuals. I no longer care if they lose their gym uniforms or track mud across the kitchen floor.

Solitude is also essential for my spiritual practices. When my mind is peaceful, it is easier for me to recognize the sacred aspects of the world around me.

However busy my schedule may be, I devote time to quiet contemplation.

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I wake up an hour earlier or create a bedtime ritual of reading and prayer. I arrive at the office before the rest of the team. I sit on a bench in a scenic spot at my local park. I linger in the study room at a university library.

Today, I set aside time to be alone with my thoughts. I enjoy the quiet and stillness. I return to my daily routine with greater love and enthusiasm.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the difference between solitude and loneliness?
2. How would I describe the optimum amount of daily solitude for me?
3. In what ways does solitude help me become more self-directed?






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