I Take The Blessing From Every Lesson

Things happen in life that I am unable to control or change, and I accept that. However, even if I am incapable of influencing a situation, I can still learn from it. I make it a point to receive the blessing from every lesson, even if it is an unfavorable one.

Regardless of the situations which confront me, I know that I am blessed.

I often receive second chances in life, and I view them as opportunities to make right whatever went wrong.

What I learn the first time around helps me negotiate similar situations in the future with more positive results.

When things happen that make me realize how untrustworthy some people are, I learn important lessons about assessing character. In those cases, I am blessed with the spirit of discernment so I am protected from bad intentions later down the road.

The blessings from my lessons enable me to help others.

When I come out of a scary experience unscathed, I know I have survived a potential tragedy and feel fortunate to be able to talk about it. I embrace the blessing of testimony so I can help others make it through similar situations.

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“I Take The Blessing From Every Lesson!”

Today… I am committed to discovering the blessing from every occurrence. I also appreciate that every experience brings with it a chance to use the blessing to impact the lives of others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I publicly speak about the blessings of my lessons so others can do the same?
2. Do I find it hard sometimes to accept the outcome of a situation?
3. How can I remind myself to seek the blessing in every experience?






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