I Find Hope Each Day

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I Find Hope Each Day!

I find hope each day.

Important people in my life come and go. Struggles happen, and change is inevitable. Unpredictable events can momentarily block my pathway to peace and happiness. Sometimes, ill health plagues me or those I love. Yet, I continue with optimism and hopeful thoughts.

I discover new sources of hope all the time.

Hope can be found in the most unexpected places. A green leaf unfurling after the snow falls, a rainbow against the dark blue sky following a storm, or a small child taking his first step all remind me to be positive about life.

I feel hope when I wake up to a new day, put on new clothes, or drink my morning coffee. A beautiful bird flies by on my way to work and my spirits soar. Upon arriving home, the sight of my home brings solace and a sense of hope.

My life furnishes me with an abundance of hope.

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Today, I look for hope for the future everywhere I go. I strive to see it in the eyes of children, the hug of a friend, or the help of a co-worker. I believe hope is all around me, and my heart is open to it. Regardless of the challenges in life, hope keeps me going.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What kinds of life events can cause me to lose hope? How can I replace it?
2. What has happened recently that gave me a renewed sense of positivity for the future?
3. How will I find hope each day, and where will I find it?






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