I Exemplify Unconditional Acceptance

Making others around me feel accepted is extremely important to me. I am conscious of how much at ease others are when they realize they are accepted.

I believe it is my responsibility to always make others feel worthy.

I can teach others unconditional acceptance by my example. When I readily accept the flaws and shortcomings of my fellow human beings, I am looked upon as a peacemaker with a generous heart.

“I Exemplify Unconditional Acceptance”

When less fortunate kids at my children’s school bury themselves in a corner because they feel inferior, I encourage them to come out and shine. I empower them to believe that their light is as bright as anybody else’s and deserves to be seen.

I accept them as they are and do what I can to make them more comfortable.

I encourage my family members to be kind to people from all different backgrounds. I remind my children that we are in this world because our Creator has an important part for each of us to play. I encourage them to look at anybody else’s part as equally worthy to theirs.

Today, I accept everyone around me with wide open arms. I appreciate and respect that our differences are what make us unique and special.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I teach my kids to show acceptance? How?
2. Is it difficult for me to offer unconditional acceptance of others around me?
3. How can I better exemplify unconditional acceptance?






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