How to Fit Easy Meditation Into Your Daily Life

Intentional and Productive Morning

Meditation is a simple practice. Children can do it, as well as adults. You don’t have to possess a particular surrounding, cultural upbringing, ethnicity or demographic to benefit from meditation. The ancient spiritual practice lends itself to multiple benefits, positively improving how you function mentally and physically.

Because human beings are busier than ever before, you may find it difficult to squeeze meditation into your daily life. It is easier than you may believe. The following tips will ensure that you have ample time every day to calm your mind, focus on the “now”, and reap the many rewards of meditation.

Look For Holes

The busiest people have 10 and 15 minute spare time gaps in their days. You do too. Start looking at your regular routine. Find one or more consistently recurring period(s) of free time. Use this time to meditate and give yourself a mental reset.

Forget About the Traditional Meditation Experience

You don’t need to be sitting on the floor in the lotus position, your room filled with incense and chanting. Meditation can happen in the drive-through, while you are doing the laundry, or when you are sitting in the parking lot waiting to pick up the kids from school.

Meditate Immediately Before/After Going to Bed/Waking

If you are like most people, you fill the hours before bedtime with time-killing behavior. Spend at least 15 minutes meditating, right before you turn out your lights and lay your head on your pillow. You can also meditate immediately upon rising, helping your mind and body wake up refreshed and energized.

Break Out Your Day Planner

When you prioritize something, you have a much better chance of accomplishing it. Add regular, daily meditation sessions to your physical or online scheduler. The human brain loves to-do lists, and when meditation is on yours, it is approached as just one other important activity.

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Spend time planning your to-do list the night before to make your morning more productive and intentional.
– Productive Mornings


Combine It With Exercise

Do you walk the dog every day? Do you want to work, or a friend’s house often? Do you enjoy jogging, cycling swimming or some other form of physical movement? If so, combine your meditation with exercise. Meditating does not always mean having to close your eyes and block out all other distractions. Perform a Google search for “exercise meditation” for some pointers.

Enjoy “2 Breath” Meditation All Day Long

Before you make a phone call, answer your email, start your car or perform any other simple task, take 2 deep breaths. Close your eyes if you can, and make your breaths mindful. Breathe in deeply, hold your breath, then exhale slowly. It is easy to get in a couple of dozen 2 breath daily meditation sessions, no matter how busy your day is.

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