What Are Character Strengths?

What Are Character Strengths?

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Character is the basis of all that makes us who we are. Good character is a general term for someone who displays the qualities that makes someone what is considered to be a “good person.” But what are some of the specific character strengths? Here are some of the main qualities that join together to define a person of character.


Integrity is often used as a substitute for the word character. It is who you really are when no one else is watching you. Without integrity, many other important qualities are rendered useless.


Another quality of utmost importance, honesty is being truthful in every moment. Being honest can happen through words or actions, and is required even when great personal sacrifice is a result of your truthfulness.


Dependability is when others know they can count on you, no matter what your circumstances may be. It involves completing a task you agreed to, even when obstacles arise.


The world needs more individuals with this character trait. Enthusiasm is showing diligent interest in everything you are involved in. It is a trait that makes others feel important.

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Loyalty is showing commitment to someone or something that you believe in and have made a decision to support.Loyalty is often tested, but this is also when it shows itself strong.


Diligence stays strong through to the end of completion, no matter the task you may be on. Being diligent is the opposite of procrastination, and is simply making a choice to see a job from start to finish in the best possible way.


Gratefulness is state of thankfulness for what we have. It manifests itself through acknowledging that our good has come from someone else’s sacrifice, and by sharing what we have with others.


Compassion is definitely something the world needs more of. Compassion is not only a feeling of empathy for those who are hurting or lacking in any way, but also a firm resolve and motivation to help in whatever way necessary to relieve those hurts.


Respect gives others the honor that we would like for ourselves. It is giving all other beings proper treatment and common courtesies.


When we show kindness to others, we make the world a better place. Kindness is being considerate to others regardless of their circumstances or of our first impressions.


Courage is giving up our own comforts for the comfort and safety of others. It is putting others before ourselves and doing the right thing, even when the right thing is difficult.


Responsibility makes a person stand out as someone who can be counted on. A responsible person will do what they need to do when called upon. It is about being dependable and trustworthy in every situation.


Too often, people are angry and searching for confrontation. If more people made it their business to pursue peacefulness, the world would be a better place. Peacefulness is dwelling in a state of being content, and desiring that others have the opportunity to do the same.

There are many character strengths to be spoken of, but some that stand out above the rest. Pursue these and you will find that life begins bringing others with similar character your way. These character traits are the foundation of a healthy life and a future with no regrets.
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