Are You a Born Sales Person?

Are You a Born Sales Person?

It seems as though some people were just born to become a sales person. Would you consider yourself in this category or is becoming a good sales person something that you are struggling with?

While you may think that a certain group of people were born to work in sales, it’s really not a genetic quality. Becoming a great sales person is a skill that can be learnt by anyone with proper motivation and direction.

The key to being good at sales is to enjoy the world of sharing. Yes, that’s it. Great sales people share more than sell. You really need to have that want and desire to be in this line of business from the start. When you are interested and love something your actions and enthusiasm coming shining through.

Once you have decided that selling is where you want to be, you need to make a commitment to yourself to develop your skills. This includes learning how to create a mindset for sales, learning how to ask the right questions and how to find the solution to your customer’s problem.

Some of the traits that successful sales people exhibit include:
The art of listening
Knowing how to ask the right questions
Being motivated
Setting difficult goals
Going out of their way to get the job done

When you can develop these skills then you have a much better chance of making it in sales. Your personality also comes into play and while you may be enthusiastic about your products. That said, you must also recognize when to tone things down a little. Some people do not like to be approached by a loud and joyful person, and will be turned off by this approach. You may see better results by approaching them in a more discreet manner. This is why it is vital that you learn how to read the signals people show.

A successful sales person takes time to develop these important skills. They know how to approach people and they know how to ask probing questions that give them valuable information.

This is why rainmakers, powerful sales people, seem to have no trouble in closing sales and finding new accounts. They have listened to the concerns of their customers and then taken the time to find them a solid solution. Once they present this solution the deal becomes signed, sealed and delivered.

Follow these tips and you will be on your way to looking as though you are a born sales person too.

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Fundamentals of Successful Sales
Fundamentals of Successful Sales
If you are thinking of entering the world of sales you may want to research this subject in depth. While it seems that some people are born to be sales people, others are not. Is it possible to learn how to become successful sales person or are you just barking up the wrong tree?

This ebook (in pdf) will discuss the fundamentals of what it takes to become successful at sales. You can then decide for yourself if this is an area you what to pursue further and excel at. Are you ready to be viewed as the next rainmaker in your company?
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People Don’t Buy For Logical Reasons.
They Buy For Emotional Reasons.

– Zig Ziglar
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