Working Moms: Get Dad to Pull His Weight Around the House

Working Moms: Get Dad to Pull His Weight Around the House

In most households, it takes two to raise a family, pay for the bills and keep the house in good shape. For the home to run smoothly, it’s necessary for both you and your spouse to pitch in.

You work a full-time work schedule, and so does your husband. Therefore, it makes sense for the two of you to work as a team to complete the household chores.

Gone are the days where you have to put the kids to bed, clean the entire house, and clean up after your husband all by your lonesome. These days, your husband may be as mindful about household chores as you are!

1. Every man is different. Some men intentionally plot to minimize their workload around the house by acting oblivious, while others truly are oblivious. And some do what needs to be done without being asked. Your husband likely falls somewhere between the three.

• What has worked for your sister and your brother-in-law may not be the right approach for getting your husband to pull his weight around the house. Every man is different.

• Approach your husband according to his personality. Be sensitive and caring when approaching him for help. Consider his personality and motivations carefully, and approach him with a loving spirit.

Working Moms: Get Dad to Pull His Weigh | Personal Development Blog Article
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2. Give a little push. “You need to train your man to do what you want” is a common saying amongst wives. But a gentler approach in love is a much more respectful and effective approach. Provide him with a push in the right direction and respond in a positive way when he makes an effort.

• It’s important to realize that no one likes to be nagged. Be tactful in your approach. Try saying something like, “Honey, my back is killing me. Vacuuming the floors every week is really taking its toll on my back. Would you mind taking over this chore?”

3. Make a list. Sometimes, men simply have little idea how many things must be done to run the household. With a little more perspective, many men jump at the chance to help carry the load.

Make a chore chart for your family and hang it prominently in the kitchen. Give every member of the family a colored star (such as Maggie has blue stars next to her chores and Tommy has red) and be sure to include both you and dad within the chart.

4. Be specific. Ask your husband to help out with specific chores. He likely has a different definition of what “helping out” means, and you can effectively come together by spelling out exactly what you need.

• If you’re vague in your description, he may think that loading the dishwasher and wiping the counters every night is enough. Meanwhile, you were hoping that he’d vacuum and fold laundry twice weekly. Communication is the key to a smoothly running home.

5. Call in the big guns. If all else fails, let your husband know that you mean business.

• Take it upon yourself to get quotes from local cleaning services and ensure that he’s home when you’re doing the walkthrough of your home with the consultant. Once he hears that it’ll cost your family $400 per month to pick up his slack, he’s likely to be more willing to help.

Men and women often have very different ideas of the chores that need to be done in order to keep your household operating smoothly. By following these strategies, you’ll finally be able to get your hardworking career man to work hard at doing his part at home as well. With everyone pulling their weight, the household will run smoothly and everyone will be happier.


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