Thinking Before You Speak

Thinking Before You Speak

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Almost everyone has been guilty at one time or other of speaking something out loud and then regretting it. Once spoken words cannot be taken back plus words are powerful and can have devastating effects.

Today thinking before you speak is extremely important, especially when it comes to using social media online. It is so easy to log into your Facebook or Twitter account and vent your feelings and frustrations. Or just reply to a post that angered you.

Once you hit that post or Tweet button your words are out there, on the internet, for everyone to see. While everyone is free to voice their opinions if you are blasting a person for a controversial post you need to be careful. Your words could come back to haunt you!

This has happened to many people and they immediately regret what they posted. If you read something online that makes you very angry, think about the different ways your reply could affect people. This might be family or friends or what if your employer read the message? Could it get you in serious trouble at work?

If you want to be viewed as a successful person then you really need to take the time to think about all your actions first, not just speaking out loud. Thinking before you speak is actually considered a trait that a person with a winning mindset displays. Every action has a consequence and you should never forget that.

Many times it is often better to let a stressful situation pass without you responding in the open. You can still rant and rave in the privacy of your own home, or to your spouse. But it is not always best to rant out in the open.

Of course there are times when the power of your words will be a great thing! If you have a solid reputation voicing your opinion could help. This applies to helping raise money for a cause or charity or just providing more exposure for a particular topic.

Always keep in mind that your words will reflect both your personality and your intelligence. Get into the habit of choosing your words carefully and when responding to something online think about your actions first. If you can help improve or defend a situation then replying may be worth it.

For the ultimate decision decide that if a family member sees your reply will they be ashamed, embarrassed or upset by it?

Speak Only When Your Words are More Beautiful Than the Silence.
– Arabic Proverb



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