The Importance of Dressing for Success

The Importance of Dressing for Success

Any successful sales person will tell you how important it is to dress for success. If you want to be viewed as successful and professional, then dress appropriately. This applies to anyone who is new and just starting out in the world of sales. If you look successful, no-one is going to question your ability.

Dressing appropriately depends on what area of sales you are in. For example if you are selling construction type tools and are always around building sites, then no-one will think twice if you are dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt with your hardhat on. But when you meet these same people in a conference room then it would be more appropriate for you to appear in a business suit.

If you are working for a new company and are not sure of their dress code, then just ask one of the other sales people. You can also just notice what they wear to the office and the way they dress when out on sales calls.

Some sales people like to dress up even if they are just making cold calls from within their office. They find that when you dress for the role you feel more confident and can conduct business in a more professional manner. The choice is yours, but it is something that you may like to try out for yourself.

Remember that dressing appropriately entails being careful with your jewellery, accessories and your perfume or after-shave. Gaudy jewellery may be fun to wear, but it could also be a distraction when you are talking. You want people to remember you for your speech, and not for wearing a piece of outrageous jewellery.

When it comes to after-shave and perfume, less is often better. Many people have allergies today and it would be embarrassing to be the cause of an allergic reaction. Plus, of course, you do not want your presence to be overbearing due to a fragrance.

Practice wearing your business attire at home so that you feel comfortable in your clothes. There is nothing worse than wearing a suit that is not comfortable or is itchy. This can easily become a distraction and can affect the delivery of your speech or presentation.

To recap you want to dress in neat clothes that match your business meeting and location. Do not over use accessories and wear minimal fragrances or cologne. When in doubt, dress up!

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