The Glamping Solution for More Energy, Peace and Love

The Glamping Solution for More Energy, Peace, and Love

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What is glamping? Glamping is an upscale version of camping for people who want to connect with each other and nature without worrying about mosquito bites. It combines all the fun of spending time with your loved ones and enjoying the great outdoors.

You can book a week in an exotic locale or glamp out beside your own pool. Either way, try these suggestions for designing a vacation that will leave you feeling energized and peaceful.

Using Glamping to Connect with Your Family and Friends

Share the fun with those you love. Plan a vacation with your family or invite your friends to join you for a long weekend. Take a look at these ideas to get started.

1. Strike up a conversation. Most glamping campsites lack Wi-Fi on purpose. Take advantage of a rare opportunity to enjoy being disconnected. Have a long talk with your kids or old college roommates without being interrupted by technology.

2. Tell stories. Ghost stories are fun for all ages. Read to each other from your favorite collections or invent your own plots.

3. Dine together. Raise s’mores to a new level with artisanal dark chocolate and colored marshmallows. Everyone can pitch in for preparing and serving meals. Gather for afternoon tea and scones while you’re at it.

4. Make crafts. Flex your creativity by repurposing Popsicle sticks or pipe cleaners. Bring along needlework or a jig saw puzzle. Make gifts for each other by spending an evening painting dinner plates and glassware.

5. Sing songs. If you have a musician in the group, ask them to pack their guitar or harmonica. Even if you’re all tone deaf, you can hand out sheet music and serenade each other.

Using Glamping to Connect with the Environment

Studies show that just a few minutes exposed to the great outdoors stimulates our minds. Just imagine what a whole day or more can do. Think of all the activities that would help you get back to nature.

1. Take a hike. Put on sturdy walking shoes so you can go the distance. Marvel at your new surroundings or take a closer look at less familiar sections of your local park. Ride your bike if that’s more comfortable for you.

2. Go boating. Many facilities will rent kayaks or paddle boats. Splurge on a sailboat and stay out all night. If there are no boats handy, fill up an inflatable child’s pool and soak your feet.

3. Gaze at the stars. If you’re traveling far away from street lights, you’ll be able to see all the constellations you usually miss. Wherever you are, the moon is still visible. Check with a local observatory to find out if there are any special astronomical events coming up.

4. Play ball. Set up a friendly game of volleyball or toss a softball around. Frisbees also provide great exercise. If you’re really tight on space, try a yoyo or hula hoop.

5. Watch wildlife. Find out what species of animals frequent the camp site you’re visiting. Early morning is usually a good time to get a glimpse of them from a safe distance. If you prefer to keep your patio free of lions and bears, you can browse through a book or brochure.

6. Identify plants. Expand your knowledge of plants by researching the local fauna. Bring along a sketch book. If you’re stumped, you can look up the images when you get back home on websites like the Plant Database at the US Department of Agriculture.

You can glamp out, even if you never pitched a tent or started a fire with two sticks. All you need is a love for the outdoors and those close to you. Try it and discover the rewards!

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