Self Happiness

Self Happiness

You have no doubt heard about self help. There are thousands of books and articles on the topic of self help. When it comes to being happy have you thought about how you get yourself into that state?

Happiness is a mental state which you feel as joy and contentment and just feeling happy. When was the last time you can truly say you felt this emotion? If it was a while ago have you considered self happiness?

Self happiness is simply the act of placing yourself in the right situation so you experience these emotions. There are several ways you can achieve this. One is by reading happiness quotes each and every day. Find ones that are meaningful to you and repeat them out loud several times a day. There are entire websites with happiness quotes on them. Search through some and copy down the ones which you like.

Your own actions can bring you happiness as well and by doing or sharing something with others you can easily experience this. It is well known that if you make someone else happy you will feel happy too. Why not try helping someone with a task or chore. Do you have an elderly neighbor that needs help? Or is there a young mom in your neighborhood who would appreciate some help with her kids? You could offer to watch them for a while or take them to the park.

Many experts will tell you that all you need to be happy is a positive mind set, this may not always be true. Another stream of thought is being conscious of the things you should not be doing. In other words you know what doesn’t make you happy, so don’t continue doing them.

So it may be worth thinking this way instead. The majority of people are eager to go out and buy the next gadget or tool that will supposedly make them happy. In reality what happens is you end up hoarding items and end up with a clutter of useless or unused tools around your home.

Decluttering your home and your mind is one way to find happiness. Instead of searching for happiness get rid of everything that makes you unhappy. You will be taking action instead of chasing rainbows. Your new found path could lead to the true joy of happiness after all.

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