Peace Abides Within Me To Help Quiet My Anxious Thoughts

When I am worried or anxious, I remind myself that I am carrying unbreakable peace within me. This reminder helps me to immediately relinquish my tense feelings and experience true inner calmness.

The peace that abides within me is enough to allow me to walk away from a confrontational situation. When someone approaches me with a harsh tone or angry words, I maintain my cool from deep down and not just on the surface. It is hard for someone to break that peace.

I know that the same inner peace can help me deal with even the hardest loss.

If a loved one is ailing terribly, I admit I worry about whether it means the end is near. I dislike confronting the reality of passing, but I spend a few quiet moments praying for the peace to accept whatever comes.

My inner peace helps me to feel contentment – that I have all I need to make the most out of the life I have been given.

[wpgfxm_contentbox width=”66%” bg_color=”#D3E5ED” b_color=”#D3E5ED” style=”solid” top=”3px” right=”3px” bottom=”3px” left=”3px” radius=”9px”]”Peace Abides Within Me To Help Quiet My Anxious Thoughts”[/wpgfxm_contentbox]

Today… I know that my inner peace is genuine. It makes the difference between living a dissatisfying life and experiencing true happiness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I deal with anxiety? Could I use some extra peace in my life?
2. Do others feel like I trivialize matters when I allow my peace to eliminate worry?
3. How can I teach others to achieve the same peace?






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