Forgiveness Shows Strength of Character

Forgiveness Shows Strength of Character

If you can forgive, you’re way ahead in strength of character. It takes courage and commitment to forgive and not seek revenge for every wrong done against you. Forgiveness is a virtue that deals with temperance – and temperance is the action we take against excess in everything – anger, food, envy and other emotional triggers.

When you forgive, you’re not necessarily reconciling, forgetting or condoning the offense. Rather, forgiveness is a necessary strength that we use to protect ourselves from feelings which can serve to destroy our physical and mental health.

Some claim that forgiveness is the ultimate gift to yourself. Whether justice is served with apologies, reparation or other positive actions, forgiveness can lift the burden of anger and resentment and give you back your thoughts and time spend in the prison of your non-forgiving attitude.

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When you forgive, you’re making a conscious effort to live a happier, more active and authentic life that strengthens your character even more because you’ve worked through a major problem to success.

Letting go of thoughts of revenge and anger certainly doesn’t take away the pain and hurt, but it does help you move it around into a category of the “past” and get on with your future. Being able to move on from the hurts of the past and into the realm of forgiveness is a huge character builder because all the steps you have to take are taking away the negative portions of your character and replacing them with positive.

Forgiveness isn’t easy – it’s a process that could help to rebuild trust and get a relationship back on track. Be aware that the relationship may never be restored and trust may never return, but even though things may never be the same with that person, forgiveness opens the way for you to restore your own positive outlook on life and move on to something even better.

With forgiveness, you must acknowledge the pain perpetrated against you. After you forgive, you’ll soon realize that you have no more thoughts of revenge and you may not even feel anger for the person who hurt you. Obviously, there is a major character flaw in his or her character that he needs to work through too.

Strength of character can blossom and grow when you choose forgiveness over anger and resentment. There are basic steps to forgiveness. Strive to go through those steps, beginning with acknowledging the pain and making a commitment to the forgiveness process.

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