Are You a Pushy Sales Person?

Are You a Pushy Sales Person?

One of the worst traits for a sales person is to be seen as too pushy. These are the types of people that walk up to you the moment you cross the threshold of a store or enter a salesroom. While they may be eager to help, they come across in a negative way. Quite often people will simply turn around and leave if approached in this manner.

While you may be eager to make sales, you need to learn to develop the habit of letting people browse and walk around. This actually serves two purposes. The first is that they have the time to view your products. The second, and most important purpose, is that you get the time to observe the person!

Why is this important, you might ask?

When you learn how to read people you can adjust your approach to them. People often gravitate towards people with similar personalities. Some people connect with a more boisterous salesperson. Whereas a quieter person would be put off by this approach.

It is not hard to learn how to read people. It really does entail just sitting back and watching what they do. Of course, you don’t want to make it too obvious that you are watching them. You want to get into the habit of observing what they do every few minutes.

Make a point of noticing if they have come in alone or are they with their spouse? Do they walk with their hands in their pockets or their head down? This could signal that they are quiet and just want to be left alone.

If a group or couple come in together and immediately start talking in a loud manner, then this indicates that they are more approachable right away.

Once you have determined the type of person you think they are, you can see what type of approach would be more suitable. For a quiet person you may just want to go up and introduce yourself using a softer tone of voice. Let them know that you are available if they have any questions and then walk away.

For a louder person you can approach them in a gregarious manner and strike up a conversation almost immediately. They are happy to talk with you and ask you lots of questions.

Over time your skill level at reading people will increase and you will have the ability to approach anyone in a friendly manner, and never come across as that pushy sales person!

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