Abundant Thoughts Of Action Lead To An Abundant Life

Every action starts with a thought. From how early we wake up every morning, how late we go to bed every night, to how much effort we choose to invest in our relationships, business ideas, and duties. From how happy we choose to be to how we let circumstances change our mood. Basically, our thoughts make us who we are. It goes without saying then that even our success can be driven by our thoughts.

Do you ever entertain the thought or get the feeling that ‘there is nothing I can do about it’? That is one of the truest things we can ever say to ourselves. Why is that? Once we tell ourselves that we can do nothing, we do little or nothing about a situation and we have very little chance of identifying opportunities. This kind of attitude sets limits for us and the focus is only on the impossibilities. We are blinded to everything else other than the darkness that seems to be hanging over us. All hope is lost and we are not motivated to move forward before we get the most obvious signs that it is safe or will be fruitful to keep going.

As opposed to the previous case, abundant thoughts of action are driven by the belief that there is always a way to keep moving forward. We do not deny that some of our thoughts may not be fruitful. Instead, there are more than enough thoughts of action to focus on such that failing on one or two does not feel like the end of the world for us. It does not necessarily mean that we should have a thousand back up plans every time. As much as that helps too, an abundance in thoughts of action is also reflected in being open-minded and the willingness to learn and try new things.

How does an abundance in thoughts of action lead to an abundant life?

Abundance in thoughts of action keeps us in control of our lives. There is always a way for us to keep moving. Some of the ways through which abundant thoughts of action lead to an abundant life have already been highlighted but we will still touch on them below;

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    1. Rejection or being abandoned is part of life’s game. This is based on the understanding that some people will not walk the entire journey with us and some, including in the business environment, will reject us or our ideas. People with abundant thoughts of action understand that the closing of one door opens another, probably a better one. Every action directed to a person with abundant thoughts of action, positive or negative, is seen as providing an opportunity to face something new and unleash more of the person’s potential. Therefore, there is no room to moan lost relationships and opportunities when we know that we did our best working on them and, neither is their room to hate on those who rejected us. We know that our success depends more on our own choices and actions while we do not expect everyone to understand us or our goals.

    2. Every step counts, small or big. Abundant thoughts of action are also manifested in the way we value every step we take. We do not despair and stop moving when our bigger dreams seem to be taking an unexpected or unwanted turn. We always take one step towards our dreams and purpose. The belief here is that even the biggest dreams can grow from one small action. However, it is important to ensure that each step is well calculated and we do not move for the sake of moving.

    3. Clear thinking. Being open-minded and willingness to learn and try new things makes you flexible. This flexibility determines how much attention you pay to suggestions from others. This is a good quality for growth. However, the flexibility does not equate to readiness to cross your boundaries. It means that you are ready to learn ways to improve your strategies. Also, the positivity that comes with knowing that you always have a way to keep moving improves the consideration you give to various issues. You do not do things out of desperation and you make conscious decisions.

    4. You are in control of your life. An abundance in thoughts of action keeps us on track. We are barely in a position where we feel we do not have a choice but to compromise. We are not easily swayed.

    5. Motivation and resilience. Abundant thoughts keep us motivated. We are prepared to face new challenges and we retain our energy where we could otherwise be despaired and hopeless.

    6. Confidence. Always knowing or having an idea of what we want gives us confidence. We are able to stand independently and we know where we are going. It is nearly impossible for others to pull us down or make us feel like our dreams are invalid. We have a solid foundation and do not seek validation from others.

These are some of the many ways through which abundant thoughts of action help us live an abundant life. Being geared up keeps us sane and in the right direction. We can reach our spiritual, financial, physical, psychological, and emotional goals when we know what we want, how we can get it, and how we can keep moving even when there are obstacles.



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