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Made For Amazing Things by Josh Hinds

Self-Doubt And Fear

How Self-Doubt And Fear Work Hand In Hand And What You Can Do To Stop Them In Their Track Let’s talk about self-doubt and fear and what they have to do with each other. They are much more closely related than you may think. Fear is behind all our feelings…

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Meditations on Becoming More Deliberate in Daily Life

Meditations on Becoming More Deliberate in Daily Life It’s easy for hours or even years to slip away unless we pay deliberate attention to the choices we make. Meditation is a proven technique for leading a more intentional life. These are four meditations that will help focus your attention so…

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Accept Compliments More Graciously

Accept Compliments More Graciously Compliments are a simple way to help each other feel better by acknowledging our accomplishments and positive qualities. If receiving praise sometimes make you uncomfortable, think about the benefits of being appreciated and learn to respond graciously. The Benefits of Exchanging Compliments 1. Provide validation. In…

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