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The Secret to Strengthening Your Concentration

If you’re having trouble concentrating, you have plenty of company. More than 70% of office workers report that they’re frequently interrupted, and most of them say that those disruptions stop them from feeling like they’ve had a successful day, according to Forbes Magazine. Chatty colleagues and pop up ads are…

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How to Tame Intrusive Thoughts

  Do you sometimes feel like your thoughts are beyond your control, and some of them make you uncomfortable? If so, you can relax. Intrusive thoughts are very common and usually harmless. One study reported by Psychology Today asked volunteers to talk about what goes through their minds. They found…

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How Practicing Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

How Practicing Mindfulness Can Change Your Life You’re driving down the highway, coffee mug in one hand, listening to the news on the radio and shuttling your kids to school. You’re thinking about work, your kids are asking you questions and your cell is ringing. Then at a stop light…

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