Simple Meditation Guide to Relax

Simple Meditation Guide to Relax

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Sometimes, many of us feel that we go through our lives on automatic pilot, and that everything needs to be done right away. This feeling can make us become stressful beings. If we are among those people who have realized that and want to something about it, we can start meditating.

At first, meditation might seem difficult, because it takes a while to control our thoughts. If we are constantly in a rush, our thoughts will also be frenetic. The idea of this kind of practice is to be able to slow them down, so we can relax and be aware of ourselves. To start a meditation practice we only need a few minutes a day. At the beginning of this practice, 10 minutes might be enough to keep us focused on the goal.

First, we should choose if we want to listen to soft music or if we prefer to have a quiet moment. After that, we need to find a comfortable posture, considering we need to be in this position for at least 10 minutes without moving. If we choose to be lying down, we have to make sure to stay awake during the meditation. There are many ways to help us focus during a meditation practice.

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As I mentioned before, at the beginning it might not be as easy for us to keep our minds clear and our thoughts controlled. One way to find concentration is to have a mantra. A mantra is a word or set of words repeated over and over again. There are many mantras from eastern religions that we could use, but we also have the option to create our own with a word or phrase that makes us feel good.
Another helpful technique is to pay full attention to our breath. Starting by deepening our breath, we can visualize the way the air enters and leaves our body. We could also count our breaths if that helps with our concentration. In the same way, we could visualize any other thing or place that warms our heart to keep it as a focus point for the duration of the practice.

It is very important that, at first, we do not get frustrated if our thoughts keep interrupting our meditation. That is completely normal. When this occurs, we just need to understand it is happening and resume our meditation practice. With time we might be able to just sit there and observe our thoughts.

Meditation is not about completely clearing our mind of any thought. On the contrary, it is about acknowledging and controlling those thoughts so they do not control us.


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