Positive Thinking Activities

Positive Thinking Activities

No one said that life was easy and one way to overcome obstacles is to have a positive mind set. While this is can be difficult to achieve there are several activities you can do to improve the way you think.

Using games and activities such as hypnosis, guided meditations, affirmations, quotes and listening to subliminal messages can be extremely helpful. As can reading self help books on positive thinking. Try falling asleep at night to subliminal messages or read a positive affirmation before going to bed.

Changing your mindset involves learning how to express your feelings. One easy way to do this is by keeping a record of your feelings. This can be done by writing your thoughts and feelings into a journal, either an online one or by using a pen and an good old fashioned diary. If you aren’t much of a writer then playing an instrument can help you express your feelings. If this doesn’t appeal to you then you may like to paint or draw to express yourself.

Dancing and singing are fun to do no matter if you have a talent for them or not. Both are a great way to show how you are feeling and to rid yourself of negative feelings. If you don’t like to sing or dance then listening to uplifting music can be a great help.

Another positive thinking activity is exercise. It has been shown that exercise helps to increase your endorphins and allows you to feel refreshed and more energized. Try going for a walk first thing in the morning and see if you don’t have more energy during the day.

Talking to a good friend is another therapeutic activity which is good for your mind and body. A friendly chat with someone can help you put things into perspective and make you understand that things aren’t necessarily as bad as you think.

Changing your environment is another way to start thinking more positively. You may not realize it but you can automatically associate certain places with negative thoughts. By going for a walk in a new park or by visiting a new lake you can reinforce good thoughts. Plus just getting away from it all can be a wonderful way to put your life back into perspective. You can collect your thoughts and organize your priorities and get your life on track along with thinking positive thoughts.

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