Make Peace With Your Past: 8 Ways to Accept It and Move On

[kc_heading_two size=”20″ color=”#494949″]Make Peace With Your Past: 8 Ways to Accept It and Move On[/kc_heading_two]

Each one of us has experienced upsetting situations at one time or another. You might cope with these events and the feelings they trigger by simply putting them out of your mind. But somehow, those negative occurrences just keep wiggling their way back in to your thoughts and feelings.

How can you deal with past negative events so you can move forward?

[kc_background_pac_3_underline_19 size=”18″ color=”#000000″ ]Consider these tips to make peace with your past:[/kc_background_pac_3_underline_19]

1. Tell yourself, “It is what it is.”

Whatever the disturbing experience, it happened to you. Acknowledge it. At least, accept the fact that it happened.

2. Identify your own emotions regarding the situation

Ponder the variety of feeling “labels.” Disappointment, anger, fear, and resentment are some examples. How did it make you feel then? What goes on with you emotionally when you think about the event now?

3. Embrace all of your feelings

It’s okay to feel whatever it is you feel. You’re human. You have the right to be scared, angry, frustrated, or any other feelings you have. Give yourself permission to embrace the emotions you experience related to your past.

* With insight into your emotions, you can begin to understand how something from the past could be impacting you now.

4. Recognize you can protect yourself now

You can ensure that event doesn’t ever have to happen to you again. Seek and find the comfort and grace in your current position.

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5. Determine if you’re truly ready to let go of this part of your past

Can you release it into the wind and say, “It happened but it no longer has to define me”? Only you can make the decision to release this negativity from your life for good.

* Of course, the memory will remain, but all the negativity will dissipate when you recognize and understand what happened.

* Think of a symbolic way to release your personal distress so you can start fresh from this day forward. Write down your trauma. Tear it up in tiny pieces and throw them away.

6. Live your life consciously in the present

Staying in the now and vowing to live your best life each day is a powerful antidote to a painful past. Say “good-bye” to the negativity as you let it go. Replace it in your mind with the positivity you have now. Vow to stay in each moment to relish the beauty of everything you have that’s wholesome and special to you.

7. Go after your bliss

Your bliss is something that brings you interest, joy, pleasure, and even excitement. Seek out the things you love to do, places you love to go, and people you love to be with. Use your time on this earth to fulfill your greatest passions. Place reminders of your bliss everywhere to be pleasantly reminded of everything you love.

8. Avoid letting anything stop you

Even though you may still have contact with someone who has hurt you in the past, recognize that you hold all the keys to how your life journey continues from this point forward.

Making peace with your history is a highly rewarding experience. Know that your life will be enriched through the process of accepting what happened to you. Recognize and learn to understand your emotions connected with your trauma.

Find self-confidence again and ensure you’re ready to let go of the negativity. Live in the present, go after your bliss, and pursue your life with a renewed sense of responsibility. Make peace with your past now so you can embrace a beautiful, fulfilling life!


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