Living Life To The Fullest Brings Me Happiness


“Living Life To The Fullest Brings Me Happiness!”

I love my life. Each day brings its own special set of treasures, adventures, and interesting encounters. I pay attention to the gems that come my way, such as compliments, smiles from strangers, and unexpected occurrences.

When I get a chance to try something new, I take the plunge and do it. I love the idea that I make every effort to engage in something that’s shiny and new to me.

I truly believe that every new experience expands my mind.

I make it a point to pay attention, make eye contact, and have a pleasing look on my face when I am around others. Living life to the fullest means I am “on” and connected to others at every opportunity.

The more I engage with others, the happier I feel.

Today… my plan is to have my arms and mind wide open to all that life delivers. I want to grab onto everything that comes my way and live my life to the fullest. As I embrace my life and all that it entails, I feel happier and happier.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What does it mean to me to live life to the fullest?
2. Do I believe I am living to the fullest extent possible?
3. How can I further embrace the opportunities that life brings my way?






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