Inner Peace: Do You Have It?

Inner peace is a state of calmness and contentment. It’s the belief that you’re living your life in a positive way, coupled with the ability to comfortably handle the stress in your life.

We all know people that are perfect examples of inner peace. We also know people that are the exact opposite. Any emotionally healthy person desires inner peace.

Find inner peace with these strategies and smile your way through life:

1. Take care of your body. Inner peace sounds so grand and spiritual, but you can’t have inner peace if you’re eating badly and aren’t getting enough sleep. Good food, sleep, and proper medical care are a foundation for finding and building inner peace.

2. Take care of unresolved issues. Look back over your past and handle anything that requires your attention. Say the things that need to be said. It’s hard to feel peaceful when you have things hanging over your head.

3. Live the right life for you. Many of us feel compelled to live the “American dream.” We strive to be popular, find an attractive spouse, land a big corporate job, and drive a German car. While that is the perfect life for some people, it’s far from being the perfect life for everyone.

  • You might be much happier with single life, working for yourself, and driving a motorcycle.
  • In the end, no one else is going to care how you live, so make yourself happy.

4. Accept yourself. You have certain tendencies, likes, dislikes, and flaws. Seeking to improve yourself is admirable. But, you have to accept the fact that you’re introverted, short, and nearsighted. Let go of your past and live in the present.

5. Have a reserve. It’s easier to be happy and peaceful when you have plenty of everything you need. That might include things like money, love, free time, adventure, and more. When you’re lacking a critical component for your peace and happiness, you’re going to feel stressed and unsatisfied.

6. Limit your comments to those things that are true, kind, and useful. We create a lot of challenges for ourselves by saying the wrong things. By telling the truth, you eliminate all the issues associated with lying.

  • By only saying kind, useful things, others will enjoy being around you. Avoid gossiping and keep your speech honest and positive.

7. Learn to separate yourself from your thoughts. Your brain is a thought-producing machine. At least 99% of what you think about is garbage. Learning to allow your thoughts to move on without engaging with them is a vital skill.

  • Most of us do the opposite. We remember how our boss at our last job mistreated us, and then we get angry and imagine giving them a proper beating. Meanwhile, we’re actually enjoying a day at the park with our children. Our thoughts can rob us of the present.
  • You can’t stop your thoughts, but you don’t have to give them energy by getting involved with them.

Inner peace is challenging to attain, but worthwhile to pursue. Inner peace is simple and honest. It requires living a life that is true to who you are as a person. Be yourself and avoid creating unnecessary drama in your life. Find resolution for those things that are weighing on your mind. Only you can create your inner peace.


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