How to Be Flexible – Increasing Your Adaptability Factor

Article Title: How to Be Flexible – Increasing Your Adaptability Factor

Maybe you strive for a life that’s calm, predictable, and something you can count on. You know what’s going to happen and you’re happy about that. However, you’ve probably already learned that just when you think you know how things are going to go, something happens that puts a wrench in your plan and throws you off-kilter.

How can you teach yourself to be more flexible when things go differently from what you expected?

Try these ideas to increase your adaptability factor and make your life more enjoyable:

1. Accept that life is unpredictable. The nature of life is ever-evolving. It makes it easier on you when you remind yourself from time to time of the level of unpredictability that surrounds you. In other words, it is what it is.

2. Keep an open mind. Just because something progressed differently than the way you planned doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a catastrophe. Look at a change in your schedule as a welcome detour.

* Be willing to experience a pleasant surprise in a new situation.

* For example, maybe you were looking forward to eating at your favorite Thai restaurant with friends. But they outvoted you this time and wanted to try something new – an Indian restaurant. You thought you wouldn’t like the food but, surprise, you loved it!

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3. Consider an unexpected change as an opportunity. When something unforeseen occurs, you might have some chances to do something you wouldn’t have had before. You could even discover a special talent or skill within you. Allow magic to happen.

4. Shift your paradigm. Who says you always have to go bowling on Wednesday nights? You might meet a whole new group of friends at the karaoke bar this Wednesday. When something doesn’t go as planned, you’re being given the gift to do something completely different.

* What new idea can you come up with to have a good time? Embrace the novelty of a changing situation.

5. Have a Plan B. If you plan to go to the beach or to the swimming pool with your sister, whom you haven’t spent time with for ages, consider all the possibilities ahead of time. What if the temperature drops or it rains? Rather than experience an unfortunate event that ruins your day, set up a back-up plan ahead of time to ensure you’ll have a great time.

* For example, you could agree that if it’s still cool or raining at 9:30 a.m., you’ll instead go to the rock-climbing gym or to bowl a few games.

* If you consistently set up a Plan B, you’ll rarely be disappointed. Plus, life might be a bit more interesting. Being adaptable has built-in rewards.

6. Be accepting of new people. Although you may see yourself as liking only a certain type of people, such as professionals, those who drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or love Star Trek, wouldn’t it bring some freshness to your life to welcome some new people into your world?

The more adaptable you are, the more you’ll be surprised and fascinated by life.

Acknowledging life’s unpredictability, keeping your mind open, and regarding a change in plans as opportunity will contribute to being more flexible. So will seeing an issue in a whole new way, consistently having a Plan B, and easily accepting new people.

Take steps now to increase your adaptability factor and experience the passionate life you deserve!

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