How Helpful are You to Others?

How Helpful are You to Others?

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There is one successful trait among people who have a winning mindset and that is they are helpful. While everyone is helpful to some degree do you go out of your way to be super helpful to people?

This is exactly what you should be doing on a regular basis. You probably help family members without thinking twice. When it comes to business, your helpfulness to your customers can really make a difference.

We are not just talking about helping customers or clients choose the right item. We mean being helpful to people who are not yet a customer or client. This sometimes includes directing them to another business if your product is not a good fit for them. Do not offer advice to someone just because you won’t directly benefit from it, offer advice because it will help them solve their problem.

Other ways to be helpful as a business owner is to stay in contact with anyone who has connected with you. You can do this by running a mailing list and producing a monthly newsletter. All you do is to then just mail out your letter each month with local news and information as well as informing them of new products or specials that you are running.

Another great option, and one that many people love, is to have a Facebook fan page. This allows you to post helpful comments for your customers. But it also allows your customers to give you honest feedback and ask for advice and help from you. It takes time to interact on social media but the benefits can be huge.

Always make an effort to see how you can help others in your local area including local businesses. You may want to create a business meet up where you can get together and help promote each other’s stores or offices.

Right now you want to be honest to yourself and figure out if you are truly being helpful to others in your life. If there is room for improvement figure out small things that you can do to be more helpful.

One good way to be seen as being extra helpful is to over deliver to your customers and clients. Go over and beyond just a little and your customers will appreciate you for it. After all it is those little extras that count and which make you be viewed as a helpful business owner.



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I feel it’s a responsibility for anyone who breaks through a certain ceiling…
to send the elevator back down and give others a helpful lift.

– Kevin Spacey
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