Giving is the Source of a Meaningful Existence

Giving Is The Source Of A Meaningful Existence

At some point in life, we all want to find meaning. When we have done all that we think is important, sometimes we find that there is a void that we cannot fill. We want to contribute to something of significance. This is where the power of giving comes in.

Giving is the art of helping the next person or being there for them without expecting anything in return. It is done out of our goodwill as human beings. In as much as, it may seem like the recipient is the one that benefits during the process of giving, the opposite is true. The one that gives gets a sense of fulfillment from giving. This article will share some points on how giving is the source of a meaningful life.

It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive

The above statement has been preached so many times but what does it mean? Studies have indicated that people that give their time, funds, donate to charity, donate blood and organs are happier than those that do not. This is because giving gives the giver a sense of satisfaction. When you know that you have assisted someone and that alone soothes the soul.

People have misconstrued giving to monetary and materialistic things but giving goes beyond just those two categories. Kahlil Gibran said “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” Giving can include giving your time, your advice or ideas, being present with someone during a difficult time. It is not just limited to financial and materialistic items.

Giving Makes A Difference In Someone’s Life

As mentioned above, we all want to find meaning in life. Giving is the best way to do so. Giving to someone in need makes a difference in their lives and the feeling you get from this cannot be put in words. Helping someone knowing fully well that they may not be able to pay you back shows that you are compassionate and kind. The world needs more people like that. In case you are having a bad day, do something that makes a difference in someone’s life no matter how small you may think the gesture to be. Think of people that donate their organs and the difference they make in giving a life a second chance. By knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life, your life gains meaning.

Giving helps us feel like we’re making a significant difference in someone’s life, which motivates us to do better and discover a new perspective on happiness. In addition, research shows that there is a strong link between volunteering and happiness. When compared to their peers who are not motivated by altruism, teens who are inspired to help others feel significantly happier, more enthused, engaged, interested, and active. They are also more confident and socially sophisticated.

Giving Is Your Way Of Contributing To Something Bigger Than You

We can admit that there is a time when we want to do something that we know will not only make a change in someone’s life but in yours as well. By being selfless through the art of giving you know that you are contributing to something bigger than yourself. This makes us fulfilled. Many children are languishing in poverty and there is no way to eradicate poverty individually but by collectively coming together and giving. The little that you may have can make a difference in someone’s life.

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Giving Is Good For Your Overall Mental Well-Being

When it comes to our mental health, acts of compassion and generosity also serve a protective function. Such actions activate reward centers in the brain, making us feel happy and optimistic. This affects our intellect, emotions, and psyche, as well as increases our self-esteem, confidence, and worth. This will keep us from succumbing to sadness, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Volunteering, generosity to others, giving, and other altruistic behaviors reduce our stress perception and stress response severity. We are much more in tune with our complete existence in this manner. This way we lead a more meaningful life.

In conclusion, giving elicits appreciation on both ends. Both the donor and the receiver can feel thankful in the act of giving. The giver may be expressing gratitude for something while simultaneously making the receiver feel appreciative. Gratitude appears to have a vital role in our happiness, health, social interactions, and general well-being, according to the study. It’s yet another stress mediator that makes us more resilient and hopeful when things get tough.

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