Does Your Job Make You Happy?

Does Your Job Make You Happy?

Whether you have to commute to work or you work from home are you truly happy with what you do? It is a sad fact that many people are desperately unhappy with their job and are only in it for the paycheck at the end of the week. When you are not satisfied with what you do, this can cause a multitude of problems both at work and at home.

Going to work every day to a job you hate can lead to major depression and anxiety. Did you know that depression caused by the workplace is one of the biggest reasons for people to miss time from work and go on sick leave?

Even when you get home from work you are not happy and this can affect your entire family. You feel miserable and your body aches and everyone in the house ‘feels’ it.

So what choices do you have?

Well first see if it is possible to get another job or a transfer. Try to figure out what it is that is getting you down at work and attempt to resolve it. Is it your working conditions or have you just been doing the same job in the same place for way too long.

If necessary you may be better off going off sick for a while. Taking a break from your job will give you time to think and to see if it really is your job that is the problem.

While it is hard to actually quit your job sometimes there is no other alternative. Once your health starts deteriorating because of work then you really have no other choice. Look to see if you qualify for a re-training program or try to find a different job in the same field. A change of location with new people and new faces can make a huge difference.

Money is important and everyone has to pay the bills, but is your health and possibly your life worth it? Depression is rampant in middle aged men and so is the risk of suicide. The death rates in the U.S and Canada in this age group is high and happens far more frequently than you might think.

If you are truly unhappy in your job then talk to your doctor and take action before it is too late. Many people have successfully make mid life career changes so why not you?

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