Does Money Buy You Happiness?

Does Money Buy You Happiness?

Having plenty of money can certainly make your life easier but will it truly make you happy. Numerous lotto winners have said that winning the lottery was the worst thing that ever happened to them. They were suddenly inundated with requests from strangers and so called friends wanting handouts. So think about this before you wish for cash as an answer to your quest for happiness.

Different things make each and every one of us happy in different ways. One person may feel the pleasure and excitement of buying a shiny brand new car. Someone else is happy to just visit their grandchildren or to receive a phone call from a friend or family member.

There have been plenty of studies conducted around the concept that money makes you happy. In 2007 a Gallup Poll was conducted which showed that the people who made the highest incomes did report feeling the happiest. Only 35% of people who made less than $35,000 per year said they were happy. The results showed that 100% of people making over $500,000 per year said that they were extremely happy.

Money can definitely buy you security and satisfaction. Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable that all the monthly bills will be paid and that there is enough money to feed the family? Once you become accustomed to that are you still happy?

Is feeling satisfied the same as feeling true happiness? If you were a millionaire who has no family and not many friends, would you be truly happy? Wouldn’t you want someone to share your money with?

The perception of happiness is often the hardest for people to understand. There is no one true meaning of the word happiness. You can feel happy when you take a bite of a delicious food. A woman is deliriously happy when she gives birth to a healthy baby.

Have you thought about what would make you happy? Is it money or is it having a solid relationship with someone or having a job that you actually like?

While many people think that if they were rich they would be happy this isn’t always necessarily true. Money does help to a certain point in your life but then you will feel as though something is missing again.

Happiness is an emotion that is not difficult to find if you just look for it in the right places.

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