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Technology addicts and gamblers share a lot of similarities. They both believe that a particular behavior is likely to result in a reward, so they indulge in the behavior. They will do this even if there are negative consequences of the behavior.

Addiction to technology can be a legitimate addiction with real consequences. It can sacrifice your health, relationships, career, and your overall sense of well-being.

One great solution is a digital detox. This is simply avoiding, or minimizing, the use of technology in your life for a period of time. It can be very challenging, but very worth your time and effort.

You can reclaim your life if you’re willing to follow through and perform a digital detox!

Consider these topics as a way to learn more about yourself and your options for using a digital detox to enhance your life:

    ● Chapter 1: Signs That You Might be Addicted to Technology
    ● Chapter 2: Who is Most Likely to Suffer From Digital Addiction?
    ● Chapter 3: Top 10 Benefits of a Digital Detox
    ● Chapter 4: How to Perform a Digital Detox
    ● Chapter 5: What to Expect During a Digital Detox
    ● Chapter 6: Ensure That You Don’t Relapse


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    » 11 Quick Ways to Bounce Back From a Setback (5-page PDF, 58-page Slide Deck in PDF)
    » Top 10 Success Skills to Teach Your Child (5-page Checklist in PDF)



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C] Related Quotes

“I stared at the tweet I was about to
post. It wasn’t going to add anything
to my life. Or anyone else’s life.
It was just going to lead to more
checking of my phone, like Pepys
with his pocket watch. I pressed
delete, and felt a strange relief as I
watch each letter disappear.”

“We all need a technological detox; we
need to throw away our phones and
computers instead of using them as our
pseudo-defence system for anything that
comes our way.
We need to be bored and not have
anything to use to shield the boredom
away from us. We need to be lonely and
see what it is we really feel when we are.”

“The society is getting addicted to
technology, especially social media, quite
like one gets addicted to cocaine or pot. And
it all works through the neurochemical
process of reward and punishment.”

“Television has changed the
American child from an irresistible
force to an immovable object.”

“Be present to the people in front of
you from moment to moment.
Electronics and technology have a
way of clouding our vision for the
people sitting next to us. Uncloud
your life, look around. Be present.”

“Doing nothing means unplugging from the
compulsion to always keep ourselves busy,
the habit of shielding ourselves from certain
feelings, the tension of trying to manipulate
our experience before we even fully
acknowledge what that experience is.”

“The machine does not isolate man
from the great problems of nature
but plunges him more deeply into

“Almost everything
will work again if
you unplug it for a
few minutes,
including you.”


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